Selleys Storm Sealant (Waterproof Silicone)
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Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces*
Good adhesion on any surface* even when applied in the rain
Excellent UV and weather resistance
Suitable for interior and exterior use
Long lasting flexibility
Easily paintable with water-based paints
Low VOC – so can be used in any environment without discomfort
Made with Sil-X, an advanced polymer technology which delivers superior performance in demanding situations where conventional products fail, on any surface* wet or dry.

Available Sizes:
460g Cartridge – Black
300g Cartridge – Clear

*Note: Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, permanent water immersion or plugging leaks subject to pressure. Forms and instant seal, but must not be disturbed until cured (approximately 48 hours).

Where can this product be used?
Perfect for use on and around:
Sky lights
Down pipes

What materials is this product suitable for?
Cement sheeting
Ceramic tiles
All construction substrates
Most plastics*

How to use this product?
Ensure substrates are clean and free of oil, grease or loose particles.
Cut cartridge tip, fit to nozzle and cut to size (5mm), then place in caulking gun.
Apply with the caulking gun, pushing sealant into joint or gaps.
Smooth off using a spatula dipped in turps, within 5 minutes of applying. If painting, paint with two coats of a quality water-based exterior paint.

Storage and re-use:
Store in cool, dry conditions below 30°C.
Use within 6 months of opening.
Clean up
Clean up with turps before Storm cures. Cured sealant can be removed by scraping or sanding or with the help of Selleys Silicone Remover.
Handy Hints
For neater joints, mask sides before applying sealant and remove tape before sealant skins.
Paint with water-based paint. If paint does not wet out sealant surface properly, lightly sand sealant before painting.

Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, permanent water immersion or plugging leaks subject to pressure.

Safety tips:
Cure excess product before disposal.
Avoid skin and eye contact and inhalation of vapour. If in eyes, wash out immediately with water. If skin contact occurs, wipe off immediately and wash with running water.
Ensure use in a well ventilated area.

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