Multi-purpose Latex Admixture PYE SBR Bond 1L
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Product SKU PYE SBR Bond 1L
Brand PYE
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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  • Bonding agent for modifier such as cement and mortar.
  • Water resistance for cement sand mix.
  • Acts as primer prior to fixing of ceramic tiles.

Colour: White
Packing: 1L
Mixture: 250ml / 50kg of cement

A specially formulated Styrene Butadiene Resin (SBR) multipurpose bonding agent to improve adhesion for various interior and exterior building application areas including swimming pools.

Suitable for: PYE SBR Bond is designed for priming, acts as bonding agent or modifier for cement sand admixtures provide a damp resistant layer.



Priming: Seals off dusty surfaces and acts as a primer prior to fixing of ceramic tiles vinyl or other tiles thus become water resistant layer.
Bonding agent for modifier: Bonding aid for cement sand mortar onto concrete surface or other surfaces. Modify the cement sand mortar in replacement of water for better adhesion, tensile strength, reduce drying shrinkage & better woekability.
Admixture: When mix with cement sand as render / screed mix its increase the adhesion, better workability, flexural strength and thereby reduces the drying shrinkage and gradually become water resistant.

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SBR Bond 1L x 1tin